Delightful Istanbul Summer School

IAU’s famous summer school continues to welcome students from all over the world for longer than a decade by now. Delightful Istanbul Summer School takes place between 24th of July and 6th of August in the summer of 2023.

Both Delightful Summer and winter schools offer specially designed rich courses, such as Brand Management, Current Issues in International Relations, Genetics and Medical Biotechnology, Exploration of Turkish Art via Museums, Multi Criteria Decision Making. Students selects one course that matches their field of study and interest and earns 3 to 4 ECTS.

Delightful Istanbul Summer School combines courses, lab hours, workshops together with a rich cultural tours. Old city tour, famous Hagia Sophia- Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque and a full day Bosphorus Boat Tour are included in the program. Students can also join to the optional sightseeing trips and dinners throughout the entire program.