Morgane Clement


I think everyone should participate in this beautiful study program! It is a unique opportunity to discover Turkish culture and the magnificent people who accompany us throughout this trip. If you are looking for an authentic, fun, and unforgettable experience, don’t hesitate: SIGN UP for the next summer school! One more time, I would like to thank the IAU team for their warm welcome. I will never forget you, this stay has marked my life forever. I hope to see you again one day! 🥰

Dilnaz Gabdollayeva


DISS2023 was an unforgettable experience and gave us a great opportunity to advance academically, explore the city of Istanbul, and make new friends from different parts of the globe. Special thanks to the coordinators and A-Team members, who ensured our safe stay in Istanbul and were always there to help and navigate us through the program. I would definitely recommend everyone to sign up for the upcoming programs and immerse themselves into this delightful experience. 💛💜

Alexandro Duarte


The whole experience was GREAT! I had a lot of fun taking part in all the planned activities and can honestly say that I made great friends along the way! The structure and the planning of the whole course were very good! All of the university staff and A-team are very friendly and more than helpful. I also have to give special thanks to our lecturer, she always asked and made sure that everything was always going well. I would 10/10 recommend anyone to take this DELIGHTFUL program! ❤️



I enjoyed the program a lot, I am super happy about everything. Everything was great, thank you for this opportunity. The course was great, the professor was very friendly and as a professional, she brought many practical things which were important for me to know. The team was amazing, helpful, and understanding in each situation that we had. This program brought me inspiration and the time spent was great. Thank you so much. Hope to see u all again!!! ❤️❤️