Do you offer scholarships? 

Yes, the scholarship scheme is coordinated with your home university. 1 full scholarship is offered for every 10 students enrolling from the same university. Your home university’s international office makes chooses the student who gets the scholarship. We do not accept individual scholarship applications from students. 

Do I need to provide an English-level certificate? 

No, we recommend a B2 level of English for our students, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, but we don’t require any proof of your English level. Therefore, you don’t need to take any tests or provide any documentation on this. 

Can I choose different accommodation, or can I stay with a friend in Istanbul? 

Yes, however, we do not recommend that for two reasons. First of all, we pick the best student residences for our delightfullers, they are certified by IAU. Secondly, they are located within walking distance of the university. Finally, it is much more fun to stay in the same place with all the other delightfullers.  

Can master students enroll in the Delightful Istanbul Summer School? 

Yes, some of our courses are intended for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

I’m studying the first year of my Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply to the Delightful Istanbul Summer School? 

Yes, you can apply, but check the specific requirements for each course in the Academic Guide and Syllabus to make an appropriate selection of courses. 

Will you provide help with practical matters or problems when I’m in Istanbul? 

Yes, for these issues you can always request advice or help from our Short-Term Study Programs Office. Before your arrival, you will be receiving an info pack, in which all emergency phone numbers, program coordinators’ contact details, and dormitory emergency lines are stated. Moreover, there is always IAU’s Delightful Summer School crew around you throughout the entire program. 

Where do most Delightful Istanbul students come from? 

We have had students coming literally from all around the world. From Mexico to Australia, and from USA to South Korea more than 50 different nationalities and over 100 universities.